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HMS - ecology and sustainability
Solid wood enables construction without vapour-retarder and/or vapour barrier and offers perfect heat storage capacity as well as an ideal heat protection in summer.
Uninterrupted insulation covers the entire building, which means that a structure is produced without a thermal bridge. By using our products, the necessary fire, heat and sound protection requirements are met easily.
All approved heat insulation systems can be used without any problems in wall and roof areas. Apart from rendered facades, ventilated facades can be produced as well. All conventional floor structures can be applied.

Building with nature

From the climatic aspect, building with solid wood is the ultimate when it comes to indoor climate and Co2 storage and the resulting minimization of the greenhouse effect.
Unique solid wood system, without foils, naturally tight, open to diffusion, sustainable and climate neutral. Outside walls / inner walls, ceilings and, on request, the complete roof truss are made by the outstanding solid wood construction method. Even the heaviest objects can be fastened to these elements without any problems.

Ideal heat protection in summer, excellent thermal insulation and maximum heat storage capacity.
Enormous energy cost savings are achieved by the long duration of cooling down due to solid, heat-storing surrounding surfaces.
High fire and sound protection due to solid components.
This construction method is predestined for the use in earthquake zones.

HMS solid wood construction kit