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HMS solid wood construction kits
- You don't have to be afraid of large panels
You surely know panel plywood which is also known under the names of CLT, X-LAM or cross laminated timber.
Many people want to build with it, but they shy away from the large number of suppliers with their different dimensions, static values and panel widths.
We now offer you the opportunity to use cross laminated timber as the material of the future, without any need for extensive technical know how. Building with elements and construction kits from solid wood convinces by user-friendly simplicity combined with HIGH TECH advantages.
At our company, user-friendliness already starts with the name:
Thus, we simply call cross laminated timber "solid wood".

simple -fast- solid
Relaxation for you

We make the use of solid wood construction kits as easy as possible for you.
In this way, you can focus on your core tasks and you do not have to take care of technical and static issues.
You gain time and security.
From the idea
to the planning

We implement your ideas and specifications in an optimized element planning process.
It goes without saying that all system connections and details for your construction kit are designed for easy assembly and according to static requirements.
In this way, you are on the safe side.
From the panel to the construction kit

Whether as wall or as wall-ceiling-roof combination, to the complete construction kit.
You can use solid wood easily and everywhere - we will be pleased to advise you and we will prepare an individual object analysis for you.

Reach new customers

Impress your potential customers with a functional and sustainable construction system which allows you to act as carpenter on site. You offer your customers a perfected, future-proof, ecological system which convinces by a solid construction method.
From the manufacture of construction kits
to your building site

We are always there for you.
We manufacture components and construction kits with well-proven CNC precision for you. Cutouts, milling work etc. are performed by our employees in our factory.
We supply you with all and any components, from solid wood elements, rafter framework and necessary eaves and verge panelling, to all and any mounting materials as well as foil and battens at favourable conditions, directly to your building site.

Afterwards you assemble the complete construction kit
                                                     - easily and fast.

HMS solid wood construction kit

Great advantages:

You do not need any new in-house investments.

You do not need any additional staff.